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Original Sinclair Light Gun for the Spectrum +2 and +3

The Magnum Light Phaser is a light gun created in 1987 for the ZX Spectrum computer. A version was also released for the Commodore 64/128. It was Amstrad's last peripheral for the video game console. The Magnum Light Phaser in many ways resembles the Light Phaser, the Sega Master System light gun, released in 1986. It was a Sinclair-branded Far Eastern product which was included in promotional bundles such as the "James Bond 007 Action Pack", along with a small number of lightgun-compatible games.

It was also available separately in a £29.95 pack along with six games. Only a few games bothered with lightgun compatibility (Operation Wolf, the original arcade gun game, was the most notable) and fewer still were produced specifically for use with the Magnum. Even so, the lightgun was widely available, largely because Amstrad's bundling policy ensured wide distribution.

Software Creations created five exclusive games for the Commodore 64 package.

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Game Boy Color  é o sucessor do Game Boy da Nintendo. O portátil foi lançado no dia 21 de outubro de 1998 no Japão19 de novembro de 1998 na América do Norte23 de novembro de 1998 na Europa, e 27 de novembro de 1998 no Reino Unido. Ele apresenta uma tela colorida, e é ligeiramente mais grosso e alto do que o Game Boy Pocket. Assim como o Game Boy original, ele possui um processador de 8-bit.

ZX 128k + CASIO 770N PAL

Bazooka Bill em ZX Spectrum 128k +2B e Casio 770 N Pal

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 Jogo Soccer Mania 48K

ZX Spectrum 48+ substituição de todos os transistores...a funcionar!

Substituição de todos os transistores do ZX Spectrum 48k+, inicialmente testei as rams, ZX80 e ULA, TESTADO e a FUNCIONAR com manual original!

Philips G7000 como NOVO

The Philips G7000 was known worldwide as it followed in the footsteps of the Atari 2600 and the Fairchild F.  In USA  was known as the Magnavox Odyssey 2 (or Odyssey 2)  and in 1983 the Brazilian branch of Philips released it as the ‘Odyssey’ where it became more popular than it ever did in the USA; Tournaments were even held for popular games like “Videopac 44′  –  ‘KC’s Crazy Chase’.  Television commercials for most of the videopacs games were made such as this Freedom fighters clip.
It was called a ‘Videopac Computer’ as the cartridges were known as  ‘Videopacs’ although in France they were called  ‘Jolpacs’ and as a ‘Computer’ as it had a fully Aplhanumerical Membraine Keyboard which no other console had at the time. The console used a 8048 intel processor and had 2kb of Ram, 4kb of Rom, although the cartridges only used 2k Roms.